Entry Qualifications

For Diploma in Primary Education (evening class) must have Grade III A certificate with two years working experience. - For Certicate level, candidates to applly should have four passes (4-D's) in O-Level. -Applicant for certicate in Education should be in Division I - III. - To pursue any Diploma programme needs A-level Certicate with one Principal and one subsidiary pass or Certicate of equivalence in a related programme. Applicants for Diploma in Secondary Education needs a A-level Certicate with two principal passes. - For foundation course candites should have three passes (3-D's), on pass will be admitted to Certificate - To pursue Degree programme, applicant must have two principal passes in combination or Diploma in Education with second Class (Average of B) - For Degree programme, all application should be sent to TCU (through CAS). Refer TCU guide book for more information vist TCU website at www.tcu.go.tz

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